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Your only limit is you



QUOTE OF THE DAY: Your only limit is you.  

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: You never know what someone is going through so give someone a high five or a hug today.  Or give someone you have been thinking about a call.  It’s the holidays and this can be a hard time for many people.  Let’s celebrate that we get to live life together with our friends and family this season.

Let’s continue our habits.  Let’s do some awesome things.  I am training for a half marathon on January 20th and also training for a mini indoor TRI at the same time on January 27th.  Fun times ahead.  Let’s get some goals together and crush them.


These affirmations are from a meditation I listened to on insight timer,  which I highly recommended you check out.

1) Today is a gift I cherish 2) I accept my flaws as part of my beauty 3) Today I will nourish and love my body by feeding it healthy foods. 


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