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Moments of Wonder


MONDAYS QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Wonder is the beginning of wisdom" ~Socrates MONDAYS THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: There it was. A moment of wonder. A moment, a brief moment in time where I felt alive. A brief moment where I felt like this is what life is about. A brief moment of clarity. This moment right here, midway through my lunchtime run. I stopped and said that to myself yes. Why don't I feel like this more often in regular every day life? Because this feels good. I was running along the Walnut Creek Trail and it just hit me. It was a good pleasant feeling. Contrast that to the other feelings, I have been having lately. Lonely. Struggling. Anxious and doing some heavy emotional lifting in my life. Yes, I do struggle in life. And so I told my coach and my therapist and my Childhood Emotional Neglect group about it and we are working through it. I am trying some new things. Great. Progress. I prescribed myself some humor and looked up some comedy videos. That helped a bit. And here are some jokes in case you need a silly laugh. They all come from my DAD JOKE OF THE DAY page a day calendar. Why did the can crusher quit his job? Because it was soda pressing. What did the one toilet roll say to the other toilet roll? People keep ripping me off. How do trees access the internet? They log in. Happy Monday! Here's to the possibilities of wonder this week. Here's to the funny moments of your week. Here's to the surprises of the week. May you have an attitude and expectation of wonder this week. May you have a posture for wonder. May you find the wonder and miracle of it all. From Coach Matt MONDAY AFFIRMATIONS: 1) I never lose my sense of wonder 2) I live a life full of wonder. 3) I am always looking out in my life for moments of wonder. Share the Matt's Motivational Monday love: 1) Support Matt's Motivational Monday here 2) Or share this e-mail with a friend who might need some motivation or encouragement this day!


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