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When life throws you a curve ball…

Happy MONDAY! TGIM! QUOTE OF THE DAY: “When life throws you a curve ball, don’t let it knock you down and keep you down.  Get up, re-adjust, brush yourself off, and keep it moving forward.”  ~ George Bronner ~ THOUGHT FOR THE DAY:  Most days in Austin, TX go pretty well.  We live in a great city, with lots of cool trails to run on.  We have some pretty cool bike lanes throughout a lot of the city.  In fact, I rode on some this weekend from North Austin to downtown and back.  That was fun!  32 miles! We wanted to go to the pool this Sunday and we ended up driving all the way to the Round Rock YMCA on Sunday, only to get there and find out that the pool was closing early.  So no swimming!  I was kind of sad and mad because of this.  All my wife wanted to do all weekend was go swimming.  She tried on Saturday but they didn’t have enough lifeguards to open the family pool  And then Sunday didn’t work out either.  But ya know that just happens sometimes in life.  I tried to think of all the other cool things that happened that day.  Sometimes I think of this quote or idea that some child in Africa is dreaming about having my worst day ever.  We have it so good.  We live in a wealthy country in a great city.  And we often forget that.  So it’s all relative I guess.  And we can take the proper perspective on it.  So get up, re-adjust, brush yourself off and keep it moving forward. From Coach Matt p.s. Here is a little fun rap song I did about our final quarter 4 class we are starting today.  Quarter 4 – Fitbit Rap by Coach Matt AFFIRMATIONS OF THE DAY:  1) I am filled with gratitude 2) I am filled with grit and determination 3) I am equipped with everything I need 4) I am a boss 5) I am blessed


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