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TGIM – Notes to self

10 NOTES TO SELF courteous of “Morning Mischief”

One // Be more open and take initiative. Do more things and invite people to come with you.

Two // Be more caring and carefree. If someone doesn’t like you—that’s okay. Let it flow past you. Don’t dwell on it. Stop trying to relive the past. Don’t yearn for it. Cherish the present moment and find the opportunity that is being offered.

Three // Be your own best friend. Refuse to speak anything less than highly of yourself, even in your own head. Talk to yourself only in the way you’d talk to your future (or current) son or daughter.

Four // Find what matters the most to you and do it. That is all.

Five // Let yourself be confused, bewildered, befuddled or bedazzled (we’re kidding about that last one  ). You don’t have to have all the answers right now. It’s ok not to know.

Six // When your heart gives a “hell YES!” go at it with passion, no matter what other people think. You were given your impulses, desires and passions for a reason. Follow them hard, live out loud and revel in each juicy moment.

Seven // Give someone the benefit of the doubt.

Eight // Focus on all that you have instead of all that you want. All that you want will come when you are in a flow of happiness and gratitude.

Nine // Be unpredictable. Stray from your norm. Walk to the restroom backwards just to shake things up a bit. If people ask what you’re doing say, “I like to see where I’ve been.” (Thank you for that one, Stuart Wilde. 🙏 )

Ten // Follow your inspiration even when it doesn’t make sense. Trust that you’re a creative being, celebrate the path you intuitively create and devour every last bit.


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