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QUOTE OF THE DAY: You’ve got 86,400 seconds today! Have you used one to smile?

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: My initial thought for this post was just to reflect on the 86,400 seconds that you get every day. I could write a whole post on that.

And then I just read an article about my favorite subject – running, and how smiling while you run could improve your performance by up to 2.5%.

Smile! It May Improve Your Running Performance

So this quote above seemed to make perfect sense to me to include today. And the article below is a reflection on the 86,400 seconds you are given each day.

So today I hope that you can find the energy to smile. I hope that you can use your time wisely. And I hope that you have an awesome Monday!


1) My smile is contagious 2) I spread positive energy to others with the power of my smile 3) My smile is one of my best features


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