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Happy MONDAY! TGIM! QUOTE OF THE DAY:  You can’t pour from an empty cup. Taking care of myself is important, not selfish and is actually a gift to my loved ones. Taking care of myself means I’ll have the energy and ability to love others better.  ~Shannon Long THOUGHT FOR THE DAY:  This morning I went for a nice, relaxing, 15 mile bike ride.  The weather was a bit cool.  My bike was nicely turned up.  My wife wished me a good time and it was an exhilarating ride. I enjoyed that time for myself.  I enjoyed that exercise.   I get up in the morning extra early before the family does and have some time for myself.  I exercise to help me feel better and as an act of self-love. I used to kind of think this idea was selfish.  Take care of yourself first?  Why would I do that when I have so many other demands and other people who need my attention and love?  I have work to do and I have a family to care for and give attention to.  How could I possibly justify more time to myself?  Well, think about it.  You can’t pour from an empty cup.  If you don’t have anything left to give you, you really don’t have anything left to give.  I think especially as an introvert I need extra down time.  Extra time to myself to recharge.  I find that doing that daily fills my cup daily and hopefully I can find some extra time on the weekends to unwind a bit.   I want to show up at work and with my family with love.  I want to show up with energy.  I want to show up with my best self.  Now some days of the week that is not easy because you are tired or something causes your day to be off.  But for the most part, I try to do this.   What are some of your self-love practices?  Do you believe self-care is important?    On this Monday be thankful for blessings and take time for yourself.  It doesn’t have to be a lot of time.  Just enough to fill your cup.  Happy Monday! AFFIRMATIONS OF THE DAY: 1) I make time to nourish my mind, body & soul. 2) I value myself 3) I am worthy of love & fill myself up with love first.


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