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I just went on a spiritual retreat this past weekend.  We were not allowed to use our cell phones.  We were not allowed to use our watches.  Time slowed down.  We got to hear talks about spiritual things and priorities.  It was amazing and it was intense.  It was transformational.  I hope to spread around a little bit of all the love I received there.  It was great.

Now for the motivation:

Don’t Give Up!  If there is something that you feel you were put on this earth to do.  Go for it.  Try to get there.  Try to learn something new.  Try to give yourself to that experience.  Every day is a gift.  This awesome moment right here followed by this awesome moment.  It’s all a gift from God.  Be blessed.  Be awesome.  Just Be.  Just Be Yourself and don’t apologize for it.

Here is a fun video I keep going back to:

Happy Monday!


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