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Happy MONDAY! TGIM! QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Newness inspires me. New opportunities. New places. New experiences. Learning new things, new skills. New roles!” ~ Annie Wersching THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Welcome to your brand new day! Welcome to the first day of your week. Welcome to what we call Monday. Welcome to Matt’s Motivational Monday email! Today is another amazing opportunity to get this day right. It’s a new day. It’s a fresh clean state to eat right, to exercise, and to move your body. It’s a new day to think and to work. This day has its brand new energy. On Saturday, I rode my bike with my good friend Jeff. We biked a new route. This felt good because it was a new experience for me. Be thankful that you are alive today to experience all the good, the bad, and the awesome that this day has to offer. Are you with me? Let’s do this new day. Tough times don’t last. Tough people do. From Coach Matt

AFFIRMATIONS OF THE DAY: 1) I am open to the magic that each new beginning brings. 2) I unlock new possibilities by being open to what I’ve never seen before. 3) With all my heart, I believe in the power of a fresh start.


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