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Movement is medicine.

Happy MONDAY! TGIM! MONDAY’S QUOTE OF THE DAY: Movement is medicine. MONDAY’S THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: I woke up on Wednesday morning with some pretty bad foot pain in my right heel. I didn’t go to Camp Gladiator that morning as I had planned. I told my wife and I took some Advil. Towards the latter part of the morning and into the afternoon the pain subsided. I rode my bike for 30 minutes to get some movement in. On Thursday morning, the pain was still there. At lunchtime, I rode my bike for an hour instead of running. On Friday morning, the pain was not there as much and was almost gone. I rested that day. Saturday morning, the foot pain was not there and I did a 45-minute Peloton class on my stationary bike, followed by a 45-minute bike ride outside on my road bike. That felt really good! On Sunday morning, the foot pain was not there and I did a total of 2 hours on the stationary bike completing 3 different Peloton classes. The main thought that stuck with me on Saturday morning was something that the Peloton instructor said which was that movement is medicine. I believe that movement is medicine. It is such a great release of energy and endorphins. I hope you can get your Monday movement in today. I hope that you can get your daily dose of medicine in. Consistency is key. Because of my pain, I choose to alter my running plans and get on the bike. (OMMS – Obstacles make me stronger. I’m excited to see what is next.) This was still the movement my body craved and desired and needed. On Sunday morning, one of the Peloton instructors in the class said to step into your best self today. He wished us nothing but success today. He said to step into the best version of you. Cultivate that good energy and share it with the world. I offer the same wishes to you. May you step into the best version of yourself today. May you find that good energy and share it with the world. May you find success in all that you do today. And remember what you do on Monday, helps you kick start the week and helps you have a great rest of the day. What you do on Monday helps kick start your week off right. This is why I do what I do. This is why I keep sending out e-mails on Monday. To remind you of this fact. Matt’s Motivational Monday members…. LET’S DO THIS!! From Coach Matt MONDAY’S AFFIRMATION OF THE DAY: 1) Movement is medicine. 2) When I move my body, I feel joy. 3) I almost never regret completing a workout 4) Moving my body feels amazing. 5) I love my body. 6) I love my life. 7) Routine is medicine. Share the Matt’s Motivational Monday love: 1) Support Matt’s Motivational Monday here 2) Or share this e-mail with a friend who might need some motivation or encouragement this day!


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