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QUOTE OF THE DAY: The thing about meditation is you become more and more you.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: I have learned a lot about myself through meditation.  I use a lot of guided meditations in the morning when I first wake up.  I typically will wake up, drink some water, go to the bathroom, and then throw on my headphones for a guided meditation.  There is a definite calming effect from this practice.  There is definitely a way that things that you listen to over and over have a way of seeping into your subconscious.  I will often repeat to myself some of the things that I listen to in the morning throughout the day.

I would highly recommend insight timer.  It has literally thousands and thousands of different meditations to chose from and I love that about that app.

Now I am not an expert on meditation in any way shape or form, but I do enjoy guided meditation.  Other forms of mediation which I don’t practice as often, but have done in the past is simply just sitting quietly and listening to your breath.  If you just try that you might learn a lot about yourself and your life.  Start with 5 minutes of just being with yourself and in your body and listening to your precious breath.

In addition, I think running for me can be a meditative practice as well.  When I run my mind works out a lot of problems and has new ideas and goes to a really interesting and creative place.

What lessons or things about yourself have you learned lately?  What experience have you had with meditation?  Have you ever tried meditation?  What kind of questions do you have about it?

This week may you be well, may you be healthy and may you be centered and feel alive more with every breath.  May you cherish the gift of today.  May you learn more about yourself through meditation.  May you love yourself and love others.  Happy Monday and let’s have a great week!


1) Meditation improves my health and well-being

2) I will release all stress and tension when I meditate

3) My mind is clear and focused


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