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Matt’s Motivational Monday 04-02-2018


QUOTE OF THE DAY: Improve yourself 1% every day! 

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Have you ever heard this above quote? It’s an interesting thing to think about.  Things you might do that could help you improve yourself 1% every day include:

1) Reading 5 pages of a book a day 2) Walking for 5 minutes a day 3) Eating a little better 4) Write or journal for 5 minutes a day 5) Pick up a new hobby 6) Take an online course

Check out this fun article about this topic:

The Difference 1 Percent Makes

Figure 1 explains the difference between improving and regressing by 1 percent every day for 1 year.


As you can see, a 1 percent improvement every day for one year equals to 37.8. In other words, that’s a 3,680 percent improvement! On the other hand, a 1 percent regression equals to 00.3 – a 97 percent regression.

Maybe time doesn’t allow you to improve by 1 percent every day, but what about if you improved by 1 percent every week?

1-Percent-A-Day (2)

As you can see from Figure 2, even a 1 percent improvement every week for 1 year is still a 67 percent improvement.

AFFIRMATION OF THE DAY: See every day as an opportunity for a new beginning for your life. 

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