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Matt’s Motivational Monday 03-12-2018


I particularly thought item #4 was helpful

4. Refresh your routine.     Know that fresh starts don’t come by the calendar year, they come each day. Every sunrise is a new chance to work on becoming the person you were always meant to be, so it’s never a wash if you slip up. Use these missteps as an opportunity for growth. Not sticking to your workout schedule? Consider joining a running group or getting a gym membership that charges you for missing class. Not making headway on your side hustle? Block off a “no-phone zone” for a couple of hours each day where you are heads-down on your project. At the same time, find ways to automate decisions that are sucking time so you can reserve brain power for what really matters. Whether it’s meal prepping, adopting a uniform, or hiring a maid, see what happens when you make space in your mind for the most critical tasks.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Do one little extra thing every day!

When you look at your goals and your life and the things you want to accomplish I want you to think about doing one extra little thing today to go for it.  Maybe it’s one little extra effort or push in your workout.  Maybe it’s one little thing you organize in your life for 5 minutes.  Maybe it’s 5 minutes of starting to meditate.  Or maybe it is something completely different.  Doing one little extra thing over time can compound and really make a big difference.  One little extra thing done consistently can yield maximum results.

For a more impact way to get this point across here is a video on this point:

Refuse to settle for an average life. Refuse to believe in the impossible. Refuse to stop growing. Refuse to give up. Refuse to quit.

Do not stop believing there is more to life than your current situation. Do better.  Walk your own path. Do not settle for an average life. Be thankful.

AFFIRMATION OF THE DAY:  I am powerful in so many ways.  Honor your gifts, your talents, your achievements.  Your best efforts are powerful! 


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