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Love vs fear

Happy MONDAY! TGIM! QUOTE OF THE DAY: Make decisions out of love not fear THOUGHT FOR THE DAY:

It has been said that you can live your life one of two ways. One is to live your life making your decisions based out of love. And the other is to make your decisions out of fear. Let’s make our decisions today out of love.

I want you to do something with me now, and that is to take your hand and close it tightly into a fist. Really close it tightly and notice how that feels. Does it feel closed off? Does it feel fearful? Does it feel like you are scared to make a decision?

Now take that same hand and open it all the way up and hold it out and up like you are reaching for something. Maybe reaching for the unknown. How does that feel? Can you give and receive love in that way? Does that feel more open, maybe more vulnerable?

I have been trying to live my life basing my decisions on love and an open hand recently. I have been trying to be open to what God or the universe is telling me and it has been interesting.

I feel confident that since I woke up today and have been given this life today that I am going to live today and survive the rest of today. Although there is nothing certain in this life, but I have today. I have this moment and the many moments we have shared together. And I want to make the most of this moment and this day. I don’t want to waste this precious life.

You know people often set goals around this time of year. New Year’s resolutions and such. I am all for that. I am all for a new you. New Year – new you. Eat healthy, get enough rest, exercise. If you have goals shout them out loud. Shout them to me. Shout them on social media and if want an encouraging audio message sent to you every Monday, let me know and I can get you setup with that regarding reaching your goals.

Next week I will continue on with this message which is an excerpt from a recent speech I gave at a Toastmaster group called iToast.  It’s a great way to interact with like-minded people with goals for their life and for getting out of their comfort zone and actually speaking in front of other people.  Happy Monday! TGIM! Never give up and always be thankful.  From Coach Matt

AFFIRMATIONS OF THE DAY:  1) Today I will live life with an open hand 2) Today I will live life more in the moment 3) Today I will live life freely and as it comes my way. 


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