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QUOTE OF THE DAY: Laughter is the best medicine.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Today’s message is going to revolve around laughter.  On Friday night my wife and I went to see Tim Hawkins who is a hilarious comedian.  You can check out his stuff on youtube here or his website here.  Please do for a good laugh.  He also has a podcast which I listen to on my way home from work in the car.  I find I laugh when I do that and arrive in a better mood when I pick up the kids and head home.  That link is here for his podcast called Poddy Break. 

Laughter is so good for the soul.  We laughed so much and for so long and it was so good for the mind and body and soul.

In short, according to the Mayo clinic laughter can stimulate organs and increase endorphins, sooth tension, improve your immune system and improve your mood, and increase personal satisfaction.  The whole article is here:

One of my friends says – don’t take yourself so seriously. So enjoy some laughter in your day today.

May you fill your life with laughter and be able to laugh at yourself and your life.  May you feel the benefits of laughter too.

What are your favorite ways to laugh?  What brings your laughter?  Do you have any good knock, knock jokes to share?

Also if you haven’t done so already join Matt’s Motivational Monday facebook group here:


1) Spontaneous laughter is the joyful soul’s pure delight. 2) It is natural for me to love and laugh 3) Every time I laugh or smile I create positive healing and energy. 


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