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Keep fighting. Keep looking forward...

Happy MONDAY! TGIM! MONDAYS QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Don’t let yesterday use too much of today." - Will Rogers

MONDAYS THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: I have made mistakes in the past. If I could go back and not do them I would But I can't. I can only look forward to a better future. I am only one step away from my best life ahead. I can only deal with the hand I have been dealt and move forward. I have to keep moving forward. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is not promised. Today is the only thing I have. I am taking it one day at a time. I was enjoying this song this week - Casting Crowns - One Step Away (Official Lyric Video) I was also deeply moved by this audio clip by Coach Pain. I ran 10 miles on Sunday morning and dedicated it to people who wanted to run but for some reason could not. That could be someone who is terminally ill. That could be an injured runner. That could be someone for any reason who can’t run. Because running is part of my gift to this world. And so I keep moving forward and keep running. Happy Monday! TGIM! From Coach Matt and Coach Pain

MONDAY AFFIRMATIONS: 1) I love my body profoundly, deeply and joyously. 2) I love the person I see in the mirror. 3) I completely trust my inner voice.

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