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Just Jump In!

Happy MONDAY! TGIM! QUOTE OF THE DAY: If you wait for things to be perfect, you walk away with NOTHING. Just jump in and get started. ~ Jennifer Ritchie Payette ~  THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Happy Monday! Thanks for reading my blog. I know there is tons of great content out there and the fact that you are reading this is amazing. I really like this quote because lately I have been just jumping into things and getting started. So far this year I have jumped in and got some life coaching. I jumped into trying some new health products. I jumped into a Love Yourself to Health group and am currently in a 28 day total transformational challenge. I wanted to personally thank Brian Roehling for this quote because she posts quotes like this on her Facebook page every day. I also wanted to talk about something that I deal with every day that is hard for me some days and takes work most days.  I really try to be positive and upbeat most of the time and that’s an ideal situation when you are sending out a positive email or blog.  But in real life, I am not always that way.  I struggle with things just like you do.  And in an attempt to be more real and vulnerable I wanted to say this. I have diabetes.  It’s a disease that I have the opportunity to deal with every day.  I have to give myself insulin every day.  I have to check my blood sugars every day.  I have to do a lot of things every day to make sure I don’t go too high or too low.  It’s a balancing act like walking a tight rope.  You don’t want your blood sugars to be too high or too low.  There is a sweet spot in the middle that you can achieve by eating healthy and dosing the properly amount of insulin and getting the right amount of physical activity. Some days it’s an emotional roller coaster just to get your blood sugars to behave.  And other times it goes fairly smoothly. Now the blessing in disguise of having diabetes is that I do have to be consistent and I do have to deal with it every day.  There is no vacation from diabetes.  Now doing something every day no matter what can be a good thing.  Like for instance, exercise and working out every day is a good thing.  I usually take one or two days off, but almost every day I get 10,000 steps in.  Thanks, Fitbit for challenging me to do that.  I try to consistently eat healthy because that helps a lot.  I do try to dose my insulin at the same times every day because that also helps. I am not always consistent 100% of the time, but like to adhere to the 80/20 rule.  That’s eating healthy 80% of the time and then eating some other sweets and cookies the other 20% of the time. After all I, am human.  I struggle.  I crave sweets and I give in.  Over the years it has been easier to say no to some sweets like free office donuts.  But it is what it is. Is having diabetes hard to deal with? Yes Is it a blessing in disguise? Yes I strive every day to have good blood sugars, to motivate others to move and exercise, and stay positive and love themselves. Because all of that has helped me have a great life and I hope that today you can do that too. Today get some movement in, drink a lot of water, and eat some good healthy foods! Go for it and remember if you wait for things to be perfect, you walk with NOTHING. JUST JUMP in and GET STARTED! AFFIRMATIONS OF THE DAY:  1) I love myself unconditionally and accept myself as I am. 2) I accept that to err is human and I forgive myself for all my mistakes. 3) I am proud of myself and all that I have accomplished 4) I accept myself for what I am and I constantly try to better myself. 5) I love my body and take good care of it by all means.


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