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Happy Monday – RISE UP!

Happy Monday!

Living is not a guarantee, it is a privilege, so honor it.

Today’s theme is:  RISE UP!

Today I want you to RISE UP to your full human potential.

Today I want you RISE UP with the strength of a warrior!

Today I want you to RISE UP and defeat the demons inside of you.

Today I want you to RISE UP and get a lot of steps in!

RISE UP today and put a smile on your face.  🙂

RISE UP and realize the blessing of today and of living in the moment.

RISE UP and look yourself in the mirror and say to yourself -I AM AMAZING.   I am STRONG!  I am FULL of life.   I am a relentless DOMINATOR!

And then go forth and live your life like a true CHAMPION!

Song of the day – Andy Hunter RISE UP –

From Coach Matt


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