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Happy Monday!

Peru - Paracas National Reserve


QUOTE OF THE DAY:  Even small waves make it to shore. Use the potential you have through intention and action and enjoy your journey. ~ Tony Curl THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: I am going to take this quote a little at a time.  To me the first part of the quote, even small waves make it to shore, symbolizes that your small everyday efforts matter.  Your small habits matter.  Sometimes choosing a big goal like losing 50 pounds is overwhelming.  But when you break it down into monthly goals and then weekly goals and then daily goals then big dreams and big goals can seem more doable and less scary.

The second part of the quote, use the potential you have through intention and action and enjoy your journey, to me is also about habits and intention and action.  So it kind of ties back to the first part.  If you have a goal in mind to overcome your fear of say public speaking, then the first step might be to go to a Toastmaster meeting.  Once you go to a meeting or two or three or twenty then you can work on giving your first speech.  After you give your first speech and get comfortable being uncomfortable then you experience growth, and give your second speech and third and so on and then you are less scared of public speaking.  That’s what I did for example with my fear of public speaking.  And then additionally enjoy the journey to your goals.  Enjoy the journey.  We are all on a journey.  Let’ have fun with it.

I have also been listening to this video series – It’s a pretty cool thing.  Kyle Cease is funny and entertaining as he explains how life transformation can work.  It’s only $20 for the entire 10-hour video series.  It is pretty cool.

I also have been working with a life coach and that has been going well too.

So push back your fear.  Do that thing that scares you.  And have a great Monday making small gains on your weekly goals, daily or monthly goals.

Who is working on a daily goal? Or a weekly goal?  Or a goal for January?


I am fearless. I am limitless. I am calm and mindful. I am compassionate with others and myself.


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