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Changing the world one person at a time..aka helping Juan call a cab

Happy MONDAY! TGIM! QUOTE OF THE DAY: “With one kind gesture you can change a life.  One person at a time you can change the world.  One day at a time we can change everything.”  ~ Steve Maraboli THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: How do you change the world?   You do it, one person, at a time.   How do you have a big impact?  You do it, one person, at a time. How can you make a big difference to someone? You do it, one person, at a time.   At 5:15 a.m. on Saturday morning I had the chance to help one person out.   I went to bed on Friday night thinking that it was going to be cold and rainy out in the morning.  I said to my wife, “I don’t know if I am going to go running in the morning.”  She said, “That doesn’t sound like you.”  I said, “Well I might just do a Peloton ride on the bike.”  And she said,” Well when are you going to be done?” I replied with, “About 7:00 a.m. and she replied with “Well that bike is louder than you think can you start at around 6:30 a.m. when the kids get up?” I replied with, “Yes. I will be done around 7:30 a.m.”   When I woke up around 3:30 a.m. on Saturday morning I heard a voice that said “Go for a run.” I could only assume it was the voice of God and I said OK but let me sleep until like 4:00 a.m. and then get up and go.  Again the voice I heard was “Go on a run.” I was like OK I get.  I will go on a run.  I got up and I took a peek at the weather and it saw it was only going to be slightly sprinkling.  I thought to myself,  “Well maybe I am going to run to beat the rain.”    I listened to and downloaded some music I thought would be good for the run.  I listened to some songs and was ready to go and out the door at about 4:45 a.m.  This is not unusual for me.  I planned to do maybe 12 miles.  I said I will do two loops of 6 miles and placed my banana and water on top of my car in my driveway.  I ran toward the Domain which is a normal route for me.  As I was running I went down Altera Parkway.  I saw a guy in a gray hooded sweatshirt walking along the sidewalk and my first thought was to try to avoid him.  I was running with my music and my headphones on but this guy flagged me down.   He said something like, “I am trying to get a ride home but my phone died and I can’t call anyone.”  And I was like OK.  “He was like can you get me an Uber?”  And I said, “No I don’t have the Uber app on my iPhone and I can’t download it right now.”   We proceed to talk.  I introduced myself and his name was Juan.  He needed to get to South Austin.  He said he was out drinking last night and then either blacked out from drinking too much or got jumped.  He did have a bruise on his forehead above his left eye.   I called 311 which sent me to 411.  The 411 call got dropped.  I dialed 411 and when I asked for TAXI service – they rattled off – two different TAX preperation services.  LOL.  And that was not what I needed.  I talked to a live human who directed me to a TAXI service.   When I called it went to voicemail but the voicemail was not set up.  I tried again thinking something was off, but still got the same thing.   So I called 411 again and got through to a live person, after trying TAXI services again and getting two of the same, TAX preparation services.  I asked the live person for a different TAXI service and that went through.  I talked to a person and told them my location and address.  They said they would call me when they were sending a driver.   All this took about 15 minutes.  After we got the TAXI service to send a TAXI to our location in the DOMAIN I told Juan that I would check on him in 30 minutes.   At this point I am thinking to myself, I guess that was why God woke me up at 3:30 a.m. and told me to go on a run,  It was His divine plan to have me run into this guy to get him a TAXI service.  I smiled inside.   I ran another 15 minutes and turned around and was thinking I should tell this guy Juan about how God loves him or something like that.  You know share the whole gospel with him.  But by the time I got back all I could get out was, “You know I heard a voice that said I should go running this morning and I think it was to go run so you could get a ride.”   He replied with, “Yes you know not many people would stop and you were the first person I saw out here this morning.  And that was nice.  Not many people are that nice.”  We chatted for a minute or two more about if the taxi service was going to show up.   He asked me if the runner’s high was a thing.  I said it was and started to explain something about exercise but right at about 6:00 a.m. the taxi service called to say they were here.   We motioned to where we were.  He said thanks.  I said God Bless you and we went on our merry way.   This felt like a good deed.  It felt like God was just using me on a run.  I was a little annoyed at this person interrupting my normal running routine at first.  But, in the end, I was really not that mad at all.  How could I be?  What if the same thing had happened to me?  Would I not want the same kindness in return?    I was the right guy for the job.   And so maybe my one act of kindness could just change the world.  It sure made a difference for Juan.  And maybe just maybe we can change the world, if we do it, one person at at time.  ~ Happy Monday ~  From Coach Matt  AFFIRMATIONS OF THE DAY:  1) One act of kindness can change someone’s life. 2) I believe that God has a plan for my life. 3) If we listen to the voice of God, he will direct our paths.   P.S. – So who won the $50 AMAZON GIFT CARD COACH MATT?!?!?!?  The winner is………… JEFF SAWYER!!! Thank you all for playing in my first contest!  I appreciate you all! Click here for the video of Emily and I drawing the winner P.P.S –  I am looking for new ways to reach people.  Do you have any ideas?  I am polling my audience of faithful Matt’s Motivational Monday members.  Reply and let me know! P.P.P.S – I did finish my run on Saturday morning with a total of 10 miles that morning….in case you were wondering.  Share the Matt’s Motivational Monday love: 1) Support Matt’s Motivational Monday here 2) Or share this e-mail with a friend who might need some motivation or encouragement this day!  3) Subscribe to Matt’s Motivational Monday email list here:


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