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➡Always have something to look forward to ➡



"Always have something to look forward to." ~ Tony Robbins.


It's been about 3 weeks since my longest run ever.

Pretty cool huh?

I dreamed BIG.

I trained HARD.

And I accomplished the seemingly IMPOSSIBLE.

Who knew I could run that far at one time?

After such a big 3-month training effort, dreaming about it, thinking about it, and

after running miles and miles and miles, there is a letdown.

It's a natural thing. After being guided, week in and week out with the number of miles I was going to run, I am now left with a feeling of, " What do I do now? " (shoulder shrug)

That brings us to TODAY'S QUOTE OF THE DAY by Tony Robbins.

There are other things in life that I do look forward to. For instance this weekend I am DJing a Family Dance at our church. I am looking forward to that. I have the gift of prayer and sometimes I think the most valuable thing I do that day is saying a heartfelt prayer for a friend or a special someone. I look forward to seeing my kids after their day at school. I look forward to seeing my wife when she is done with work.

I think even in the smallest ways, it is good to have something to look forward to.

Other things I get to look forward to are:

1) A run with a friend.

2) A special high-energy spin class with David Garza! (that was awesome!)

3) A Camp Gladiator workout (I do that twice a week)

4) Time with God (you never know what God might say next, ha)

5) Laughing

6) Getting a massage

If you take these micro-moments of awesome and string them together, you end up having a good day!

And that's sometimes how I strive and thrive after a big race.

I look forward to the coming weeks to continuing to train with a triathlon focus as I mentioned in my previous e-mails.

Happy Monday! TGIM!

Let's do this day with joy!


1) I was born to run.

2) I was born to experience this life with joy.

3) I am a positive person.

4) Love guides all my decisions.


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