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QUOTE OF THE DAY: Hope is a renewable option: If you run out of it at the end of the day, you get to start over in the morning.   ~Barbara Kingsolver

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Here are some things that I hope for you on this amazing Monday.

1) I hope that you start off your day in an amazing way with maybe some meditation or exercise or both! 2) I hope that you get some high fives or hugs or both. 3) I hope that you are doing well. 4) I hope that you are living true to yourself 5) I hope that you can listen to some really good music, maybe your favorite song and are inspired or are in a better mood afterward 6) I hope you have a great day 7) I hope that you can find peace and happiness day 8) I hope that you can list 5 things you are thankful for today 9) I hope that you can find the courage to do the things in your life that you want to do 10) I hope that you eat a lot of good healthy foods today 11) I hope that you can get some exercise in

I hope that if you have a bad day that tomorrow it will be a little better.


1) Hope will always be my closest companion. 2) The light at the end of my tunnel is my new beginning. 3) I am headed in the right direction.


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