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150 minutes a week


QUOTE OF THE DAY: Adults need 150 minutes of exercise according to the MAYO clinic and the American Heart Association.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Are you getting 150 minutes of exercise a week? Are you part of the 22% percent of Americans who are getting that amount of exercise a week?

I am an active person and tend to log 150 minutes of exercise a week. I hope that you can do that to. In fact this week I challenge you to get in that much exercise this week.

Use these affirmations below to help you get out there and exercise.


  1. I am motivated to exercise daily.

  2. My body and mind feel great because I exercise routinely.

  3. I look forward to my daily exercise time.

  4. I love to exercise.

  5. I find it easy to stick with a fitness routine.

  6. I make time to take care of myself, so I can stay healthy and strong.

  7. I am important and worthy of staying healthy.

  8. Exercising is fun, and I’m good at it.

  9. I am naturally inclined to stay fit and move my body.

  10. I am fit and trim.

  11. Exercise is a habit for me.

  12. I am flexible.

  13. I have vast amounts of energy and enjoy expending it through physical activity.

  14. My mood is stable and happy due to my daily exercise.

  15. Exercising is easy and enjoyable for me.


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